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Heatha Williamz!


Heather is a good pal of mine, and has been since sixth grade. She is a very opininated person & says what's on her mind no matter what. (Sometimes these things shouldn't be said in front of little children) lol I would never want to ge ton Heather's bad side. Heather is a very caring person though when it comes to her pals. She is a very smart cookie as well. You should be in stupid math w/me fool it would be easier. lol well I don't have much else to say..I hope me and Heather remain friends for many years to come!



That would be Heather ^


Boobie 13
Flying Monkeys Eat Coccoa Puffs
Rabied Chipmunks on Steroids
After School Swim
Port Trash (Lovely 4th of July clothing)
Mrs.Spininger how many times am I gonna have to ask you to be quiet?
"You won't have Nixon to kick around"
Big 0 on my social studies papers in Albys
Yes yes some of me & Heather's memories are just toooooo odd!