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Meghan Likes to be called Air!

Ok so this page is dedicated to that science loving fool Meghan j/p!


That would be Meghan^! I know she hates this pic, but it'll have to do until she gives me a new one!

Meghan and I have been pals for a real long time. It's kind of funny, because we knew each other for 1/2 a year, but we didn't know each other's names. Meghan is really smart, funny & kewl. She loves science, and I hate it. (I bet she loves it so much because she knows that I think it's evil). Anywayz me & Meghan went threw a "normal" stage. That was fun, then we moved on to "rhyming contests". Wack-Off likes to tell Meghan to put sum41 away~ DAMN HIM!!!! Well I really don't know what else to say. Meghan is awesome & I won't ever forget her. (Although she seems to think I will)! "Your shoelace is untied" <~~~Ahhh soccer was fun!:)

ShAdOwDaNcInGAiR: Both of you nuts, and you just plain suck. I hate to tell you now, but you also smell foul. I hope you can understand you sort a smell like kitty sand. Though I wont throw you in the grass, when I simply kick you lil ass. But whose to stop me now, as I tell you, you eat like a cow. So go hide in your little hole, for youre more ugly then a mole. And when I kick your ass from here to there, you wont be found anywhere. So I will sum this up in one word, not to sound to up surd. You are just plainly a fool, as for that fact just UN cool.
ShAdOwDaNcInGAiR: ^_^

TwstedTriangle27: Oh Meghan you silly girl. I think you have had one to many trips on the tilta whirl...you can't beat me for I am the best, so please stop now or you will go down like the rest. I can rhyme anytime and can't be beat that's because life is sweat So take my words and listen good stop now before I kick your ass, because I really should. Only a few days until we are back in hell...your ass is mine and this will be just another story to tell About a girl who got in my face, sorry Meghan but you needed to be put in your place :-P

ShAdOwDaNcInGAiR: You arrogant fool, youre just mad because youre UN cool. Sure you can bitch and rhyme, but for school at least I will be on time. Of course I must get in your face, I doubt you could do back just to state the case. For you see you are to short, hate to tell but you also snort. Meghan is not my name for your information I changed my name before this vacation. Air I am and Air I was, I tell you this just because. I'll keep up with you till the crack of dawn, unless of course you have fallen on your lawn. On your lawn where I beat your ass, after throwing you in the grass.

TwstedTriangle27: Oh AIR, AIR, AIR, this is simply unfair, you are no match for me because you see I am spin and I always win...so you can keep trying with your silly little rhymes but I can beat your ass anytime...science is evil and that's no lie...all of the science lovers should die. There is on thing in which u must agree. The best rhymer around is always me...doctor sues has no clue and obviously neither do you, so you want to be called air, well ok meghan is your name and that's the way it will stay I will reply to your simple request once you admit defeat and say I am the best

ShAdOwDaNcInGAiR: I shant admit that you at better, not as long as you try to be a trendsetter. Air I am and will always be, but you just dont seem to see. See that I will always be, better then you because I am I. When we return to that hell, I will slap you face or do I need to spell, spell out that you are not the best, you just average like the rest. As for science it is all, From up in the trees to the dirt on the ground. Even on which the computer you write, and or the glasses you need for sight. It will be there when my fist meets your nose, I bet you will have your eyes closed. No matter what you do science you cannot escape so get a clue. End of chapter, My end ended in a hoard of laughter.

TwstedTriangle27: oooo that is all swell. I will defeat both you and science in hell...you are no better then me I know it's hard but the truth u will have to see, I do not waste my time...trying to a trend "setter" I can kick you are ass anyway with my fist or this rhyming letter. But do not be blue my dear friend your sorrow will one day end I mean it could be worse, some people have the no ^^ curse...but then there are people like you who don't have a clue when to quit, and I have had enough of this shit....I win and lets just face the facts. Talent is something that you lack. Science can kiss my big white ass...and I sure hope you can run fast...many punches are coming your way...you'll be crying by the end of the day. Now that I have proven my point. I am gonna go smoke a joint (Lol j/p)

ShAdOwDaNcInGAiR: I doubt anything would want to kiss you ass, let along a long science not even a bass((FISH! dun know where that came from!))You havent won just quite yet, the scores are even and are still set. We have a long way to go, if you wish to win this blow. Talent I may lack, but let me tell you as a fact. Rhyming to me, is just another science thing so let it be? I know what you want, to be just like no ^^ let me continue to taunt. You mind is off track, there is other things that you lack. The smarts to hold a good conversation, I think you need from this a vacation. A vacation from rhyming, just for a short time. Because you and I know, that I will against my foe..

TwstedTriangle27: Just one moment if you please...I am here to bring you to your knees. .You said your name is air this is correct but now the truth I do detect...your head may be filled with air and that's no lie...don't you realize that all of my foes die. So give up while its still up to you, because I am crazy and I am afraid of what I must do. Science is something I no longer fear....just admit that your end is near, my mind was never on track this I thought you knew, but I guess this proves that neither one of us has a clue...but yet I am still the best,, as for you, you are no different from all of the rest

ShAdOwDaNcInGAiR: You speak till you are wrong, so maybe should go smoke from your bong(jp). To my knees I shall not fall, for I still have the ball. My head may be filled with air, but at least to space I do not stare. You think you are hot, but in reality that you are not. Near or far, the end is not, for more I have is a lot. Ha Ha I say to you, I am immortal too. I can not die, and I will not lie. You claim to be the best, but all you are is like the rest. So in that, take this in the correct way spat. If you and I are no better then the rest, does that mean that neither are the best? I toy with your mind, and I hate to be kind.

TwstedTriangle27: Oh you silly fool I know you did not say the word "Spat" now I shall attack you with my bat. You must have a couple of lose screws. Because anyone that steps up against me will surely lose. Spin is who I am and sarcastic is my middle name, rhyming just happens to be one of my favorite games. Games are fun and that's all good, slap you I will and slap you I should. Immortal you are not, and who the hell are you calling a snot? You science loving fool. Let me teach you the rules. 1)Spin is the best 2)you mess with the best you die like the rest ,,you claim you are always right well you shalln't win tonight, "I am always right" is the motto of my triangle crew. Dearest pal what am I to do? How many times can I insult your rhymes? Perhaps you should face the facts that you suck all of the time on a serious note I have a ? To ask would you ever date someone that looks like an elf? Seeing as how you look like a fool yourself. Plz stop the nonsense and admit that you have lost, or pay the price and believe me it is a high cost