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Eric...Eric Ford!

**Woosh Eric's page begins here**

Ok, so this page is dedicated to a person who is Just as sarcastic as me! He goes by the name of Eric...Eric ford.



I don't have a picture of Eric, but that would be a Walrus^

To describe Eric isn't very difficult. In fact you can do it in one simple word **Weird** lol Eric is a very weird boy (which is a very, very good thing in his case) He is equally as sarcastic as me,(wow that's amazing) Anyway Eric is the type of Person that dosen't like to get his umbrella wet in the rain, and runs into trees. He is a proud member of the chicken patrol and If I'm not mistaken he is on the hockey team as well. He is a big fan of the cold weather and he loves to fish! It's really fun talking to him because you never know what crazy thing he will say next. All in all Eric...Eric ford is a very rare character and kewl person!

Good Luck in Mrs.Ullbrich's class!
Tell Mr.Thorsen Spin says hello
Sarcastic olympics coming soon ( all we have to do is find suitable opponents)
Catch 27 Feeeesh!
SpinFish Is kewl!
Riddles (yes Eric is very, very good @ riddels)
"I never play games w/Myself because I always wind up playing an idiot"

**Woosh Eric's Page is complete**