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Mcgee's Math Rules

Today we travel into a different world. This world is unlike anything we know. The people worship an evil being known as Mcgee. (Mcgee answers to a higher being in lower places). Walking into her math class is a suicide mission in itself. Many brave souls have gone in, but few have come out, well few have come out alive. To survive in this twisted math realm you must follow the rules. What rules you ask? Well The Evil Mcgee math loving rules . The only problem with following these rules is you cant see them. They are in Evil Math Chalk Dust. I myself suffer from EMCDS and trust me it is not a pretty thing to have. Mcgees whole goal in life is to catch all of the rule breakers and bring them to Justice. I fear I have traveled into the darkside and I saw with my very own two eyes the list. I am here to share them with you, because breaking a rule is the last thing you want to do.

The Evil Mcgee math loving rules

Rule #1 Everyone must put tails on there threes and fives.

Rule #2 Everyone must turn towards the math center three times a day and tell the Godess of math what the associative property is.

Rule #3 All students must carry their math book with them at ALL times.

Rule #4 Everyone must have an unidentified white speck on their upper lip

Rule #5 Skin tight sweaters and the ugliest shoes you can find become the law made dress code.

Rule #6 Everyone must wear a wedding ring, to show that they are married to the distributive property.

Rule #7 All math teachers must run into the classroom screaming ARE YOU READY TO LEARN?, CMON I CANT HERE YOU!!! SAY MATH IS FUN

Rule #8 You may only own one pair of earrings and you must wear them everyday of your pathetic math loving life.

Rule #9 Everyone must constantly flip threw their math book, while holding it upside down to pretend that they are doing something.

Rule #10 All math teachers must get extremely excited when a student gets a question wrong. For every wrong answer Satan gives the teacher one point. One you reach 27,000,000 points you get to have lunch with the zero property.


Rule #12 All math teachers must sit at their desks during a test and scribble on a piece of paper to fool their students into thinking they are making an answer key. They should not however right love letters to the communative property.

Rule #13 All math teachers must lick their papers before handing them back to the students. This will ensure Mcgees diseases will spread quickly.

Rule #14 All math teachers must have three chairs outside their classroom, for the poor lil elfs to sit in.

Rule #15 All math teachers must set traps for the students to get their foots caught in! NO ONE LEAVE'S MATH CLASS ALIVE!

Rule #16 All bottles of FYGEN must be hidden, for it cures EMCDS

Rule #17 All problems must be erased from the chalkboard before more are placed up. 5......6......7.....ummm 3? wait a minute! <Problems like this NEED to be avoided.

Rule #18 All math teachers have the privilege of taking five points off of a students class grade for absolutely no reason.

Rule #19 Please do not pick your nose or any other part of your anatomy while up at the board.

Rule #20 If a student falls asleep at her/his desk, you must lean over and stare him/her until he/she wakes up. That way when they open their eyes your face is the first they see...resulting in heart attack of student.

Rule #21 Your teaching idol is now those teachers from snoopy... that way the students dont understand a word you say so come final time they all fail. This also helps with your points for your lunch with the Distributive property. Repeat after me WHAMP WHAMP WHAMP

Rule #22 All math teachers must hand out a print out of the students grades the day before progress reports. This will make them feel as if they are ahead of the game and better then all of the other teachers. When in fact it just proves that they have no life and they waste all of their free time on math

Rule #23 All math teachers must hand out poisonis candy to there students on Halloween. This candy must contain little math guys inside that will cause the student to choke.

Rule #24 All math teachers must stuff their thanksgiving turkey with pages from their math book

Rule #25 During all months the windows must be left open, especially in the winter months. This is an attempt to try to trick the students into thinking your from Antartica and not from, well...you know where you are from

Rule #26 All math teachers must carry around their grade book. It is their mathly Bible, enclosed in it should be a list of all the rules, white speck lipstick, shit brown nail polish, evil math chalk dust, a pen for taking off points on students class grade and lets not forget a list of all the different math God's and Godesses, that they must worship full heartedly. This means they will be evil to everyone else.

And rule #27 **drum roll** MATH IS YOUR LIFE!

This list was brought to you by Mandy and Spin. It was funded by the we hate Mcgee institution of America and readers like you. Please keep checking back, you never know what rules she will come up with next. I warn you to follow all of these rules and BEWARE! For that may not be you seeing things late at night ,It could be the evil Mcgee coming to get you. I remind you to listen to the crys of the lil Elfs. Be thankful you dont have to spend the rest of eternity with Mcgee. Follow the rules (it really pisses her off) and have a math free day!