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This page is dedicated to a good friend of mine Tina:)!

Tina is a very smart, kewl, understanding, caring, funny person. She suffered threw a year of science w/ me, but hey we made it threw AND We passed:)!*~!~* lol way to go Tina an A in Bio! I always knew you were a science genious. Anywayz Tina is very pretty & should think much higher of herself. Tina don't worry about what your friends think. Do whatever will make you happy:) That's all that counts. If they are truly your pals then they will be happy for you. lol I'll support you in whatever descision you make & I wish you all the happiness in the world, no one else deserves it more than you.


That would be Tina ^

"You need to go purchase self esteem at your local wal-mart"
"Ha ha Bitch"
Friarism lol
Adapting to my vocabulary
My feet go on that chair in Drivers Ed lol
The notebook is cute!

Tina's Page!

Tina's other page!

Best of luck to ya Tina LYLAS