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Mcgee Must go

Hello people! Mandy and I have decided to take a stand against Mrs.Mcgee & I am sure my pal Pete will back me up on this 127% as well. Below is a list of reasons that we believe Mrs.Mcgee should be fired:

1.) Just because your uncle is "The Big Cheese" dosen't mean you are better than anyone.
2.) If you must insist on wearing the same skirt 3x a week, will you atleast iron it.
3.) Might I remind you that you are white. I don't want to "Just holla"
4.) When a child is asleep on their desk, you do not walk up to them. It is the worst thing in the world to see her face, when you first open your eyes.
5.) Learn how to pronounce the last names of all of your students. Not to mention it is spelled the way it sounds BITCH!
6.) How do you expect the children to learn if they can't see the board threw your big ass!
7.) It's called a shower~! S-H-O-W-E-R. You don't expect us to believe that the brown stuff on your nails is polish do you?
8.)If you remove that giant stick out from your ass, you might be able to teach in a way that will atleast keep the students awake.
9.) We all know that Ryan is a fucking idiot. There is no need to call on him 27x a day
10.) Answer me this question! If you are such a math genious then how come if I took your little "Teacher's guide" w/all the answers in it, you wouldn't know jack shit!
11.) Turn your hearing aid up and mabye you would actually here the students talking!
12.) If a student has a bio book wide open on their desk, why the fuck are you gonna ask them if it is math work? DOES IT LOOK LIKE MATH?
13.) Yes we all need to know the associative property just in case we get trapped on an island, we will be able to figure out how many cocoanuts we have <~~~Thx Mandy:)
14.) Plz don't take the time to learn how to "Recognize" People's handwritting!
15.)You can move that decimal right up your ass!
16.)You are a teacher not a student. Saying "Tisk tisk" with a giant smile on your face when kids don't bring in their hmwk is very immature.
17.) It's not that your a bad teacher...well yeah it is your a bad teacher!
18.) You shouldn't wait for a student's parent to come in & bitch you out, before you offer any help
19.) There should be a law against people wearing their sweaters that tight!
20.) Call on me with all the hard questions, but don't get pissed when I get them right!
21.) No way you mean to tell me that anything times zero='s zero? There is no need to repeat that 27million times. The only person who dosen't know that is Ryan
22.) Why are you late? "Ummm because the bell rang" "Why are you such a bitch?" Because my uncle is "The big cheese" But I smell like it
23.) It shouldn't take a math teacher 10 years to count how many students are in her class!
24.)I know some religions don't believe in shaving under their arms, but what's your excuse for not shaving your face?
25.)That isn't gel in your hair, it's grease! Why don't you try washing it for once?
26.)Is a cracker jack box degree valid?
and the 27th reason why Mrs.Mcgee should be fired is...**drum roll please**

27.) She sucks!

No Mcgee's were hurt during the making of this list! **damn** lol Twas all in good fun! I mean when am I ever serious about anything?