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Bitch #1 Angie!

Angie is someone very special and important in my life. To tell you the truth I don't know where I would be without her. She's always there to talk to & try to put a smile on my face. She understands just about everything, and is an excellent listener. She cares so much for other ppl,& not enough about herself. She puts herself last when she belongs first. One thing I love about Ang, is that me & her can have "serious" converations. lol yes I said serious. She's been there for me threw thick & think & I owe her so much. She is more than my best friend, she is like my sister. On top of all these things Ang is very hard working, intelligent, pretty, funny, & poetic. Friends like her are hard to find and a very rare treasure indeed. I love ya Ang!



That would be Angie ^

Pete and Ang

Tis Two of my bestest pals in the world Ang & Pete ^

"Give me $1"
"2 Bitches"
"These curtains are atroshes"
"Got any food?"
"Jesus get that cat out of the tree"
BIG Willies MMMMMMMMM only $27,000,000 per meal
"Where are we going?" To the knob **turns hand**
Shane & Rock 27 4-eva lol
Raslin in the snow is fun, always bring 2 pairs of pants.
Snoop Dogg on the train
Slap fest in your room
We cuddeld
Just a burger plain & simple
Tomatoe eyes
Making faces from your car
Posting signs
LIAR "I know"
**You better get down there your sister is yelling at some fat kid** !~!~ Spin and Ang begin Running!~!
Comander Smith's class. Ahhhh So many memories !
Lists lists ooo the lists