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Ellis Finally Gets A Page


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Ok, it may have taken me a few years, but here you go Ellis a page just for you! (I gave you this page, now where is the $27 you promised me?).

What is there to say about Ellis? Well I haven't known him very long, but he seems like a pretty kewl guy. He's funny, smart & very odd. (tis a good thing).He makes intermediate foods & lunch very entertaining, Lol he knows what goes in bags & what dosen't. A lot of ppl give him a hard time, This is because they are losers & are most likely jealous of the fact that he has goals & his whole purpose in life isn't being the star player on the football team.I'm glad we became pals, because let's face it w/out him my bio hmwk wouldn't get done lol j/p. Ellis wants to be a science teacher **gasps** yes the evil word science. So to sum up this ish...All in all Ellis is awesome & a very rare character indeed.

You owe me $30!
Ice Tea=yummy
Skipping Bio= The best thing in the world
"I wish I was on the football team"
Mrs.Spindler hates you lol j/p
Pasta in a bag