My Jaeden!


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Spin's World!

This page is dedicated to my bestest pal in the whole entire world Jaeden James Hegmann!


There he is ^

Not only is Jaeden my nephew, but he is my bestest pal in the whole entire world! There is not enough words in this world to describe the way I feel about him. He is the kewlest little kid in the whole entire world. One of the reasons why I love Jaeden so much is because he has the uncanny ability to make me smile when I am sad. That is because he dosen't try to. He is himself, and that is the greatest thing in the whole world. There is an innocense about all children, but Jaeden has something truly special.He is extemily smart for his age, and a real wise ass (I wonder where he gets that from). I don't know where I would be w/o him. He is always there to make me smile & give me a good laugh! I love you Jaeden!~*!~*!~*!~*!~*