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I would Be Spin
Spin's World!

**woosh if you are looking at this page you are really bored** lol Hello everyone, & welcome to the page dedicated to me! I am a fool & that's all you need to know!

Well hmmm what is there to say? My name is Kristin but everyone calls me Spin (thx to one of the greatest teacher's in the world Mr.Thorsen). Everyone says I can't be serious,but I am no different from everyone else, I have a serious side. My serious side comes out in my writing (trash). Yes I am a poet at heart, and although I may not be that good..it's what I love! My friends are another thing I love. I would be willing to die for any one of them. A world without my pals is no world at all.


My Fav's!

Fav #=27
Fav day=Wednesday
Fav Season=Fall
Fav Color=green & black
Fav Holiday=Christmas
Fav time of day= NIGHT!
Fav weather=Cold
Fav Food= Tacos & Italian subs <Connie knows that 1 lol
Fav Drink=Dr.Pepper
Fav Hobby=writing & listening to the radio
Fav Teachers= Mr.y, Mr.Thorsen, Mrs.Ross, Mrs.Spindler, Mr,Petro
Fav shape= Triangles all the way!!!!
Fav Person= why it's you of course!:)

Love ya Spin
(tis enough of my fav's)

tis cute