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Spin's World!
Spat(t)erific Sex Appeal!~*!

Welcome to the page dedicated to one of my bestest pals in the world Pete:)

Peter, Pete, Retep-Otep, 1/3 The Triangle, Sex Appeal & The O God! (Keep telling yourself that)


Below is a pic of Pete himself! **Gasp!!!!**


Quotes Spin & Pete know all to well:
"What did the pizza have extra cheese?"
"No Shenanigans"
"I have this horrible nightmare about a really big jerk & when I wake ^ he's still there"
**Shovels dirt into car**
"I'm a fat lazy bastard, can you change the channel for me?"
oooo cartoons!
There are more dickhead related quotes, but I think you get the point.

"I don't fight like that"
"Is your locker ringing Pete?"
"SAMPLE THIS" <Sorry had to do it
"When I was in 7th grade, I was the fat girl"
**Spin & Pete see private property sign, keep running**
"Katt & Connie will never look for us here"
Medusa pic was kewl
"God forbid the fat ppl don't get lunch 1st"
"No black ppl in this line" <horrible pete!
"Spell Chatter Box for me"

Buckle up it's the law

**Spin and Pete carry large sticks** "Assholes" !~!Begins running!~!

"It was so horrible the 1st thing I thought was, Did I knock her teeth out"

Ahhhh so many quotes, so little time!

A cat; Actual size=240 pixels wide

There is a lot to be said about my pal Pete. He is one of the kewlest people in the whole entire world:)! On many occasions Peter has offered to Kill Dickhead for me, now that people shows a true friendship. Pete & I became friends just last year, but I feel as if I have known him forever. I know I can count on him to make me laugh ALL OF THE TIME. We may be mean, but lifes a bitch people so suck it up. Peter still believes that I am incapable of being serious...and well I haven't beeen able to prove him wrong just yet, but I will! Trust me I will. Anywayz back on the subject. Peter is a prick (sorry someone has to say it) But that is one of the reasons why I love him so much. He keeps my days in school very entertaining, & I would go crazy if he wasen't in lunch w/me. We share so many inside jokes, that I could write a novel on them. Most of the jokes center around dickhead, but then again most of the world centers around dickhead because of the size of his enormous ass. (see there I go again with the Sarcasm thing...wait one moment, I was serious about that comment)I consider myself lucky to have Pete as a best pal, because I don't know what I would do without him..**Alarms go off** Seriousness: I think Peter knows that he means a whole lot to me & I love him as if he were my very own bro. There isn't a lot of true friends in this world, but Peter is a true friend.Ok back onto sarcasm PETER IS A PRICK!!!!!

Grandma Pete

Grandma Peter ^